Fly Away

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Fishbowl in my head

I fly a lot as my dad keeps getting posted from one place to another and so every holiday we travel to meet him.

Generally I either read a book or browse through the music in my phone while waiting for the plane to land.

My flight was a connecting one and the first flight was for a small duration of 20 minutes. So, I decided to look out of the window for a change….

My 1 month of yearly holidays was over and I was anticipating a really hectic and jam packed year ahead.
I wondered how I would deal with it…

The place where my dad was posted, had a very humid climate and it rained almost everyday. Thus as the plane took off and gained some height, I looked outside the window and could see green fields and yellow water everywhere with a handful of houses scattered…

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Is the hijab a feminist statement?


I don’t know about you all, but I’m getting rather bored of the I-love-my-hijab sentiments now. It means, unfortunately, you have to put up with my lengthy rants.

The Guardian (who else) recently posted a video in which Hanna Yusuf asks, in a tone usually reserved for naughty schoolchildren, “why a simple piece of clothing is seen as the very epitome of oppression.”

She goes on to say that “many women find empowerment in rejecting the idea that women can be reduced to their sexual allure – and we should not assume that every women who wears the hijab has been forced into it.”

I was not aware there was so much outrage against the hijab. In this country, where the (visible) Muslim population has grown, the headscarf is not really that controversial, as opposed to the full face veil – niqab – which is seen even by many Muslims…

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Just don’t do it

language: a feminist guide

This week everyone’s been talking about an article in the Economist explaining how men’s use of language undermines their authority. According to the author, a senior manager at Microsoft, men have a bad habit of punctuating everything they say with sentence adverbs like ‘actually’, ‘obviously’, ‘seriously’ and ‘frankly’. This verbal tic makes them sound like pompous bullshitters, so that people switch off and stop listening to what they’re saying. If they want to be successful, this is something men need to address.

OK, people haven’t been talking about that article—mainly because I made it up. No one writes articles telling men how they’re damaging their career prospects by using the wrong words. With women, on the other hand, it’s a regular occurrence. This post was inspired by a case in point: a piece published last month in Business Insider, in which a former Google executive named Ellen Petry Leanse…

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The Baguette That Got Away

Crohn's & the Real Girl

I have a complicated relationship with baguettes.

When I was 16, I won this scholarship to study in Paris for a month. Naturally, my diet for the entirety of my stay largely consisted of whole baguettes eaten in one sitting and what can only be described as jugs of Orangina.

Get in me, you sweet crunchy pieces of heaven. (Photo credit: Julie Kertesz http://ow.ly/OfS6X) Get in me, you sweet crunchy pieces of heaven. (Photo credit: Julie Kertesz http://ow.ly/OfS6X)

It was a magical time. I gained two pants sizes. I finally got boobs. Life was good.

When I came home, my almost-daily baguette consumption continued. Crunchy, soft, warm, and sweet. I couldn’t get enough. My interest in other kinds of bread had been left behind in Paris with my too-small pants and my training bra.

Now, let’s jump ahead a few years on the Real Girl Timeline to 2012. I was in Los Angeles for my first ever Bruce Springsteen concert. Another magical time. (Except…

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‘For You is Your Religion, and For Me is My Religion’: Shorts, Sandals and Islam


I want to say something, something that indicates I’m not staring because I’m not familiar with how she chooses to cover herself. Something that indicates that my mother dresses like her. That I grew up in an Arab state touching the Persian Gulf where the majority dresses like her. That I also face East and recite Quran when I pray.

“Should I greet her with A’salamu alaikum?” I ask myself. Then I look at what I picked out to wear on this day. A pair of distressed denim short shorts, a button-down Oxford shirt, and sandals. My hair is a big, curly entity on top of my head; still air-drying after my morning shower. Then I remember my two nose rings, one hugging my right nostril, the other snugly hanging around my septum. 

I am a practicing Muslim. I pray (sometimes), fast, recite the travel supplication before I start my…

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Fish Bowl in my head

Fishbowl in my head

A fish bowl in my head?
What does that even mean?What a weird title?…

Well I guess anyone reading this blog must be wondering about the same. So let me tell you what is the meaning of such an absurd title.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to talk and that I invariably say whatever comes to my mind. If I run out of topics to talk about either you are my biggest enemy or you are a wall.
Despite that I have talks that I only want to talk to certain people but I end up speaking it out loud.
I think its a fish in my head. Every single thing happening to me is recorded in my head like a story…like a fish blowing out bubbles from it’s mouth… everything I experience keeps coming back to me …like a story that never ends…like the fish that…

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